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19 February 2012

This is an extract from an article that Derrick Harrison wrote in 1999 when he was asked to write an account of the early days of the church for a forthcoming book on the life of Mr GW North.

"An eager group of newly converted teenagers met for evangelism at a little Mission Hall in Sparkbrook in Birmingham. They visited pubs on Saturday evenings and met together on Sunday afternoons at the W.E.C. headquarters for fellowship and Bible study. They also went to Liverpool to attend meetings at Devonshire Road to hear G. W. North. They returned excited and eager to translate what they had seen and experienced into their own gathering. Another small group was also seeking the Lord for the baptism in the Holy Spirit at the Birmingham Bible Institute in the autumn of 1969. Two students from the Warrington Fellowship came to the Bible College resulting in several of us also making the trip to Liverpool to see what was happening there and to hear this man who had been spoken of in such reverential terms. Mr. North was not there, but I recall vividly Norman Meeten giving out the Notices and breaking forth into testimony - how that when he came to the Lord he came for God to deliver him from sin. From my own holiness background that was music to my ears! There and then I committed myself to this work of God (we had been baptized in the Spirit several years earlier).

The first occasion these two groups met together was after studies one evening in the college. Several Christian students from the University who lived in accommodation next to the main building in which lectures took place joined us in those first meetings. Most of them had been touched by the Holy Spirit in a Mission conducted by Roger Forster. Of course this was at the beginning of the Charismatic Movement when many Christian Union’s were experiencing renewal. Quite a number of these students became key members of our fellowship, several of them becoming leaders. We had no idea that eventually that the small group of young people who met in our home would become a church. We simply met together because we felt strongly that it was God’s will to do so and because we were so hungry and expectant that God was about to do something. As God outpoured His Holy Spirit upon us we discovered the joy of singing Wesley hymns (we had picked this up from our association with Liverpool)! We also met informally believing that we were inspired and led directly by the Holy Spirit and that He led one and another to share Scripture and to speak in prophecy, tongues and interpretation. These were wonderful days when we enjoyed richness of fellowship together in the body of Christ. Whenever we saw needs among us, one or another would quickly supply what was needed. The baptism of the Holy Spirit that we experienced was experienced within the context of the body of Christ. We truly loved one another in the Lord Jesus."

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